City of Dreams @ First Canadian Place Gallery – Toronto

Kelly McCray

Mathew Borrett Red Head Gallery
Colin Carney Renann Isaacs Contemporary Art
Daisuke Takeya Christopher Cutts Gallery
Jeannie Thib Katzman Contemporary
Kate Wilson General Hardware Contemporary

FCP Gallery
100 King St West, Toronto
Gallery hours: 11:30 – 2:30, Monday – Friday

*Please call the FCP Events Office at 416 862-6290 to ensure that the
exhibition is available for viewing.

March 14 – April 29, 2016
Opening Thursday, March 17, 5:00 – 7:30 pm

“Our constructed cities, the urban environment, are vital centres for creative inspirations and artistic life force. In particular, our City of Toronto is a prominent Canadian hub that provides an essential nucleus for artists’ education, studio spaces, gallery representation/exhibitions and market outreach possibilities. The statistical report, Mapping Artists and Cultural Workers in Canada’s Large Cities, states that 66% more artists live in the city of Toronto than any other city in Canada. Artists of all disciplines have been enticed to live and work in urban cultures that provide an immense concentration of ideas, movement and innovative force since the dawn of contemporary culture.

The City of Dreams exhibition gives pause to reflect on the effects of the urban experience on visual artists. Whether utopian or dystopian views, the shared metropolitan village has been an inspiration for artists throughout the ages. Artists participating in the City of Dream exhibition propel viewers to the far reaches of the Antarctic, Buckminister Fuller domes and re-imagined life on the planet Mars to inspire, reflect and give breath to possible dream-like reconstructions of an urban existence.

Mathew Borrett’s remarkably immersive ink jet prints of virtually sculpted city-scapes combine futuristic, fantasy-like structures to evoke the mediaeval, the gothic, the other worldly and the familiar, grounding viewers in a terrain of unimaginable complexity such as in his Ancient Mars digital construction. Similarly, by employing complex overlays of digital images, Colin Carney compresses elements of urban nature to capture the intense, frenetic rush of densely crowded vistas, providing an overload of visual stimuli urban dwellers are faced with on a day-to-day basis.

The canvases by Daisuke Takeya offer viewers colossal stretches of sky above small groupings of icebergs, somewhat like isolated villages, dissolving under the pressure of the sky and an all-consuming atmosphere that deteriorates season to season.

In memory of the late Jeannie Thib, City of Dreams is honoured to be able to exhibit her cut aluminum Projection wall work that combines her dedicated foundation of pattern and the building blocks of a shapely urban setting that would be the envy of most urban planning offices.

Through a Wizard of Oz-like torrential wind of hair tornadoes, the pen and ink drawings of Kate Wilson, transforms our planet’s urban calm to a spectacular anarchic state where nature and iconic man-made structures live in harmony. Trekking beyond earth’s core, Wilson’s, Future Life on Mars painting, similar to imagery of Mathew Borrett, imagines a new life complete with a hectic arrangement of building-like structures reaching into the Martian night.

The City of Dreams exhibition is where imagination and fantasy meet urban artists projection of hopes and aspirations that look for a brighter tomorrow. “

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